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about us

Where does our story begin?

I am Maryam Hedayati. Founder of Tiny Home brand and miniaturist.
Surely you would like to know more about this exciting and dream job. Because in Iran this art is still not well recognized and there is no academic training in this regard.
I must say that how I entered this profession and art goes back to many years ago. When I look back on my childhood, I always loved different designs making special crafts, and the world of little people. I have always wished to become small and enter their exciting world. Sometimes I would sit in a corner for hours and carefully look at the details of my equipment and even toys, and this meticulousness became a skill in me.

After my marriage, conditions were provided for me to be able to build my own structures. Due to my and my wife's great interest in wood, by searching the internet, we prepared a foreign sample of dollhouse designs, and after making this sample, I thought of designing it myself, and this desire grew more and more in me. And from the same day, I started designing and preparing various raw materials for making miniature accessories with great strength and without any special knowledge.
Making accessories for my daughter made me get a few orders and gradually I thought of starting a channel and page and got busy.
One day someone gave me a special order and wanted me to make a sample like the photos he sent. بیشتر بخوانید

It was very difficult for me because it was really a special job, but I accepted the order with all my courage and did my best, and that is when I made my first miniature box. Only with love, patience, and effort, my first completely handmade order was prepared in two weeks.
At that time, there were very few such boxes in Iran, and most people were very excited when they saw these boxes, and this pure feeling arose in me that I could create a lot of positive energy with my own constructions. So I continued and continued with effort and difficulty.
In addition to working, I had to fulfill my role as a mother. God has blessed me and my wife with two beautiful angels who always make our lives beautiful. Sometimes the conditions were difficult, but my love for miniatures and the good feeling it gave me made me start working again and again and create new and beautiful works.
A little later, in consultation with my wife, we slowly started making our own semi-handmade products and we were able to make special and unique dollhouses, and this also created a new position for Tiny Home.
And finally, after a few years and a lot of effort and the encouragement of my mother and my wife, I reached the position where I am now. بیشتر بخوانید


Mrs. Maryam Hedayati, the founder of Tiny Home

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In my opinion, miniature is not just an art. The miniature gives me a sense of life that calms me down more than anything in the worst situations and I feel that with the miniature you can travel to a beautiful world that you create with all your heart. A world that can have a lot of love with its delicacy and smallness.